Apple's Privacy Updates have a huge impact on your Ads

Thanks to Apple's privacy updates now it's tough to sell services on Facebook. The impact is serious and we have seen it closely.

If you are selling something where the decision is made in the first click itself or in the first visit to your website. You can still win.

But when you have a longer cycle to bring people finally to your leads funnel and then customer list, Facebook is no more an easy platform.

From the increased CPM to increased CPC & CPL, your entire journey becomes costly.

And this is not just for iOS, this is affecting all the devices as Facebook has made changes for all the devices. Even Facebook knows if Apple has done it now, Android would be the next to follow.

This will surely change the dynamics of digital advertising. From where I see, the focus is going to be more towards brand building activities with Social than to directly focusing on generating leads/sales. This will be a big setback to SME's who rely on daily leads and sales through FB.

More focus would...

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