Important Digital Marketing Terms to Know

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Major Problems that Entreprenerus are facing Post Pandemic

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and you are seeing this post, I want you to read it and let me know your opinion. Pre-pandemic or post, before digitization or now, there has always been unaddressed issues that you as an entrepreneur face. 

One of the biggest issues with SMEs I am seeing these days is they don't seek help when the time is right. Every business goes through troubles and challenges. The first step to solve that issue is to accept there is a problem and the rest would follow.

You would have seen 1000s of #LinkedIn posts about someone losing jobs and asking for help to get another. But have you seen an entrepreneur saying I lost 5 contracts because of COVID, would highly appreciate your support to connect me with XYZ industries? I bet you would have seen any.

The problem is not only with the entrepreneurs, it is with the way people have been treating two different segments. A person losing a job is fine, but an entrepreneur losing a business is...
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How to create an effective Digital Marketing Strategy?

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Most important digital trends to look for in 2021 in MENA


Trends are made by people's interests.  Trends are driven by what people are passionate about. Residents of Dubai or Abu Dhabi incline towards 3 leading trends. Your insights into them can multiplex the productivity of your business operations.


Three digital trends to look for in 2021 in MENA

1. Chatbots

Customizable chatbots integrated with web pages, mobile applications, and social media interfaces offer effortless, customer-centric, and fast-paced marketing solutions. 

As eCommerce and online transactions are developing, automated tools like chatbots are also in trend.

For instance, you would have noticed an immediate gratification on your visit to any webpage. That's a chatbot, which would communicate with your customers too.

AI is the driving force behind all the amazing chatbot solutions. It not helps you to optimize your marketing but make your operations more strong and saves a lot of human interaction.

The reason is automated personalization: THE...

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5 Ways to know if your digital strategy is correct?

Your organization has a department of digital marketing. It is working day and night. Campaigns are on the track. You are spending significantly.

However, sales and revenue level is constant. Activities are many but results are few.

Hold on! we will together evaluate your strategy this time with the 5 well-researched points. They are the backbone of a digital strategy, and if you feel you are hammering them, ROI is gonna multiplex. It's our claim!

Five powerful ways to know if your digital strategy is correct


1. Measure the value of website traffic


Marketing efforts can bring many site visitors through page rankings, paid advertisements, etc. But measure whether your website traffic is bringing out any value or not. Are they contributing to ROI calculation? Is your web traffic staying with you for a long time? Are they converting into leads? Are these leads converting to customers? What is the percentage?

Tip: Use better CTAs across your website to get better...

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