Major Problems that Entreprenerus are facing Post Pandemic

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and you are seeing this post, I want you to read it and let me know your opinion. Pre-pandemic or post, before digitization or now, there has always been unaddressed issues that you as an entrepreneur face. 

One of the biggest issues with SMEs I am seeing these days is they don't seek help when the time is right. Every business goes through troubles and challenges. The first step to solve that issue is to accept there is a problem and the rest would follow.

You would have seen 1000s of #LinkedIn posts about someone losing jobs and asking for help to get another. But have you seen an entrepreneur saying I lost 5 contracts because of COVID, would highly appreciate your support to connect me with XYZ industries? I bet you would have seen any.

The problem is not only with the entrepreneurs, it is with the way people have been treating two different segments. A person losing a job is fine, but an entrepreneur losing a business is...
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