Most important digital trends to look for in 2021 in MENA


Trends are made by people's interests.  Trends are driven by what people are passionate about. Residents of Dubai or Abu Dhabi incline towards 3 leading trends. Your insights into them can multiplex the productivity of your business operations.


Three digital trends to look for in 2021 in MENA

1. Chatbots

Customizable chatbots integrated with web pages, mobile applications, and social media interfaces offer effortless, customer-centric, and fast-paced marketing solutions. 

As eCommerce and online transactions are developing, automated tools like chatbots are also in trend.

For instance, you would have noticed an immediate gratification on your visit to any webpage. That's a chatbot, which would communicate with your customers too.

AI is the driving force behind all the amazing chatbot solutions. It not helps you to optimize your marketing but make your operations more strong and saves a lot of human interaction.

The reason is automated personalization: THE SECRET OF A SALE.

Chatbot also engages the customers by paying individual attention to their needs. It also evaluates customer persona via regular discussions.


Thus, overall, Chatbots are making your marketing and customer experience smarter and better.


2. Streaming

The Global Media Streaming Market would be growing at a CAGR of 23.2% from 2021 to 2026. Live streaming of shopping events, audio streaming, or video on demand services may also come under this category.


Live streaming would allow you to build trust with your target audience after the global shutdown causing social distancing.


3. Enhanced customer experience


Potential customers come to the potential brands only. They align with those who align with them. The more you co-curate consumers' behavior with your brand, the higher their curve tends towards you.


For example, MENA residents are likely to use Twitter more than anything in 2021 and there has also been unexpected growth in TikTok Influencers in GCC. You can simply leverage the trends by strategizing marketing based on the platforms’ adaptability. 


Also, don't forget to ask yourself these researched questions:


  1. Do you perform local SEO?
  2. Do you showcase video content on your digital platforms?
  3. Do you have a niche platform to attract the targeted people?
  4. Is your content aligning with Required value for consumers?
  5. Voice search?
  6. Visual search and featured snippets?
  7. And easy to consume approach?



Do follow the 2021 digital trends and stay ahead!



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